One of the True Believers in Chapter 74 Vocational Technical & Agricultural Education to Retiree—-Thank you Lisa for all you have done for All of Us!

MAVA Colleagues,

It is that time of the year when we receive announcements of our colleagues who will be entering retirement. A very special member of the DESE CVTE unit will be retiring on May 26th after 30 years of dedicated service to Chapter 74 vocational technical & agricultural education.

Having served a few years myself, I must say that Lisa has always advocated for maintaining the “Gold Standard” for our programs and schools. Her passion for our students has never diminished over the years and she will always be a passionate believer in what we do and supporter of our principles.

When she retires, her efforts as a colleague may decrease but her friendship, caring, and kindness will remain with us all. Lisa, you deserve nothing but the best in retirement and from all of us we say best wishes for good health, happiness, and the opportunity to do the things you like to do.


Farewell Announcement from Lisa Sandler

Dear Agricultural and Technical Education Colleagues,

I am writing this message to share with you – my colleagues and friends in the field – that I have decided to retire on May 26, 2023.

After more than three decades of working in agricultural and technical education I have decided to retire from service. It has been an amazing journey working with you our stakeholders, along with my colleagues in the Office for College, Career and Technical Education and the Department.

Although more work is to be done, together we have accomplished so much, to expand opportunities for all students to experience high quality agricultural and technical education programs.

It’s comforting to know you are at the helm to continue collaborations with the Department to carry the work forward. You are highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly with students ensuring they experience the most rigorous agricultural and technical programs in the nation. We have much to be proud of.

I am grateful for each day I have spent working with you, learning from you, and growing personally and professionally. Over the years, together, we have navigated not only professional hurdles, but also personal obstacles in life’s journey, and I’m deeply touched by the strong relationships and continuous support you have shown me. It is with heartfelt thanks, that I reflect upon your genuine kindness and care.

I am excited to enter this next chapter of my life. I look forward to spending quality time with my family and friends and having some “me-time”.


David J. Ferreira

MAVA Communications Coordinator