TODAY. MAY 1ST is School Principals’ Day !!

MAVA Colleagues,

School Principals’ Day is observed annually on May 1st to recognize the value and importance of school principals and their contributions to school improvement.

We thank and congratulate our principals across the Commonwealth who are committed to high quality vocational technical & agricultural education! We appreciate all you do for the staff & students you serve. Have a special day!


While students and instructors must focus on their studies, the principal must consider a great deal more concerning the school. From assisting students in achieving more to managing both students and instructors and meeting parental expectations, the duties of school principals are frequently undervalued. They began as instructors and climbed the ranks to become principals, which is another reason they deserve recognition. In addition, they understand how to engage students and make the learning process engaging. This is what makes the school principal a genuine educator who makes a difference in the lives of students, as opposed to merely the head of a school. Their responsibilities include meeting with teachers, understanding students’ concerns, assisting in planning lessons, and striving to improve the school in every manner.


Budget managers

Principals are responsible for requisitions, assist with budget planning, and securing grants and other funding to keep schools operational.

More than the ordinary worker

According to an article in Ed Week, principals work an average of 60 or more hours per week, significantly more than the typical full-time employee (40 hours).

Director of security

During a school event, the principal assumes the role of security chief, coordinating everything to ensure the protection of the students, their families, and other staff.

Endless employment

Developing relationships between teachers and students, coordinating meetings, participating in community events, arriving first, and departing last, and a host of other responsibilities make school principals among the most skilled multitaskers.

The genuine guides

Not only for students, but also for instructors, school principals serve as guides who demonstrate how to make teaching and learning a mutually enriching experience.

David J. Ferreira

MAVA Communications Coordinator