Great opportunities for positive public relations (PR) and announcement of an RFP Funding opportunity from the Barr Foundation.

MAVA Leaders,

Great opportunities for positive public relations (PR) and announcement of an RFP Funding opportunity from the Barr Foundation. A number of our MAVA schools have received awards from this foundation.

Please consider sharing with appropriate members of your administrative team. We acknowledge Tom Scott from M.A.S.S. for sharing this information.


Hello everyone,

My name is Raul Martinez and I am the morning anchor at NBC10 Boston. I am reaching out to you because I want to do as many positive stories as we can about our educators and students. So I need your help! If you have anything you would like us to cover (teachers that stand out to you, departments or educators that do unique things, programs that are worth highlighting, a student or students that are doing amazing things or have accomplished something incredible, coaches or athletes that have beautiful stories, any milestones or major moments, members of the staff that aren’t teachers that have a story to tell, etc.) I would love to hear your story. You can email me at or call me at 6175642736. And please pass the word along to anyone you know that we are always looking for unique stories. There is no rush on getting back to me. If you don’t have anything now and see something down the road, reach out to me whenever you want. I look forward to hearing from you to showcase your school and your town!


Raul Martinez
NBC10 Boston Morning Anchor

I hope all is well! The Barr Education Program recently announced a new Request for Proposals, Meeting the Moment: Transforming the High School Experience. The RFP is focused on setting the stage for transformation of both the district and high schools through aligned system-school partnership. We wanted to be sure this unique opportunity was on your membership’s radar for high school and system leaders to come together and have the necessary deep conversations and rigorous planning that this moment demands. In addition to grant funds, there will also be a robust community of practice to support peer learning and collaboration, and to provide access to national experts and supports aligned with local efforts. The RFP is open to LEAs across New England with a demonstrated student need that warrants transformation, more about the eligibility is available on the website for the RFP. Please share widely with your networks!

Proposals are due March 15th. We’re holding an informational webinar on March 1 from 3-4pm and are also hosting virtual office hours for anyone who is interested in learning more or asking questions about the opportunity. Registration for the webinar is here and office hours sign-up can be done by emailing

David J. Ferreira

MAVA Communications Coordinator